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Writer. Blogger. Vegetarian. I have two dogs that make me a little insane. I'm a nursing student. I read a lot of feminist literature; I negate it by obsessing over fashion magazines. I listen mostly to lovely lady singers, read mostly female authors, and spend most of my days surrounded by beautiful women. I consider words to be a delicate medium that only the most willing artist can bring to light. In another life I was a classic thespian. I have a purple office.

Could Be Anywhere

[As I had always feared, nursing school took the wind right out of me. I will be better in the future; I will spread myself out with more care. But some places, no matter how long you stay away, are … Continue reading

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Under the Big Top

Am I my character? Are my characters merely expressed versions of repressed facets of my sparkling personality? Oh. Wonderful. My multiple personalities get to be the stars of the show. I go to sleep thinkimg of the same scenes. The … Continue reading

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You Are A Problem (Admit It)

Have not written anything of substance. No, not at all. Weeks away from the process, I feel unclean. Thoughts are lost in clouded water. It all seems complicated. I miss my characters. I wish I could call them. Or, at … Continue reading

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Distract Me

I don’t have children. I do have a cat and two dogs. One of those dogs, Kona, is a 60 pound puppy that needs almost constant attention. When she’s not stealing notepads off my desk or chewing a pen until … Continue reading

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The Rail | NaNo Update

I have been very naughty this month. NaNo started, of course, on All Hallows’ Eve. But there were too many sweets and forgettable movies to be motivated at midnight. So I began, slowly, the following morning. The Best Intentions I … Continue reading

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From Where I Dream – Part One

I have written a lot of terrible fiction. Things I would not stand behind today. Things to which I would not sign my name. A lot of bad fiction; the characters crawling, deformed, from the pages. It took me a … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update: Pre-Race Stretching

NaNoWriMo begins in 6 short days, and I have been getting positively antsy with anticipation. The prep work that seemed insurmountable 5 days ago is now neatly tucked into a few forgiving notebooks. Of course, I still have about a month’s worth of work to do before November 1st; but I feel I have already conquered the most elusive NaNo demon: pace. Continue reading

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