Harry Potter: A Love That Lasts a Lifetime

I have been reading Harry Potter since the age of 14, and have made a pilgrimage to every movie like I was spiritually bound to do so.

Part one of the final film installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is to premiere in 35 days. So, naturally, I saw fit to reread the 759 page book, to remember every nuance and detail. The first time I read each precious page, in 2007, I was overcome with searing empathy. I cried painfully; gripped the biding tightly for comfort. I delighted in each resolution, mourned each lose. I feel, though some disagree, that the saga could not have ended more exquisitely. How often have we reread our favorite books and wished there was more? That we could spend just one more moment with our beloved characters? But I feel a bizarre sense of relief and satisfaction when I think of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. They do live on, as does the vast and beautiful world that Rowling created.

It took just 3 days for me to relive the intricate tale of The Deathly Hallows, and on the last page I felt I should start all over again. Back to page one of book one. I had to promise myself that I would read a few other lonely books on my shelf before I retread the coffee-stained and worn pages of Harry Potter.

I am certain that I owe Ms. Rowling an awesome debt of gratitude. Though I don’t aspire to write fantasy fiction (though you never know), she has challenged me to grow; and I do. She wrote something that crossed so many genres and has touched the souls of many. Whatever it is you take away from her novels, it is for the better that you read them.

I can’t wait to see what they have done for the movie! Throughout the book I found myself thinking, “How on earth are they going to manage that?” I have enjoyed each film as an interpretation of the book on which it is based. I do think that the conclusion will leave us all awestruck and gasping.

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Writer. Blogger. Vegetarian. I have two dogs that make me a little insane. I'm a nursing student. I read a lot of feminist literature; I negate it by obsessing over fashion magazines. I listen mostly to lovely lady singers, read mostly female authors, and spend most of my days surrounded by beautiful women. I consider words to be a delicate medium that only the most willing artist can bring to light. In another life I was a classic thespian. I have a purple office.
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